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WeKilledYa: The Wikipedia Encyclobituaria's Journal
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Monday, September 22nd, 2008
3:07 pm
Wednesday, February 27th, 2008
7:19 pm
ricky Khan was a daredevil motorcycle champion and multiple Grand Prix winner in 1970's era Sri Lanka.
Born S.A.M Farook in 1948, Fricky was a rebellious child, born into a well to do family. At the age of 14 he ran away and stowed away in a British merchant navy ship docked in Colombo. Little is known of his time away, other than the fact that he traveled the globe as a stowaway. It is rumored that during a bar fight in London, he broke a bottle over a man's head, killing the man instantly. He was then deported back to Sri Lanka at the age of 17 as an "undesirable".
Within a short space of time he ventured into racing. First by stealing his fathers car and entering it into a "clubman class" race, which he won. This soon progressed into racing motorcycles and within a short space of time he became known on the Sri Lankan racing circuit as the "Daredevil" of the race track.
His racing career culminated with wins at the Asian Grand Prix in 1971 and 1972 in India.
Fricky Khan's life was peppered with many brushes with the law, including an attempted murder trial due to an incident at Colombo hotel where he shot someone in the chest. All charges were dropped in the case due to lack of evidence. He is widely recognized as one of the finest racers in Sri Lankan history, with a Fricky Khan Memorial Trophy given out annually at the race events in the country.
Fricky Khan's nephew, Hussain "Spek" Yoosuf came to prominence as a recording artist in the mid 90's. Spek is the son of Fricky's younger brother Yoosuf and has often cited his uncle as a source of great inspiration.
A film project entitled "Fricky" is currently being developed on the life of Fricky Khan.
An excerpt from Fricky Khan's Obituary in a national Sri Lankan daily read: THERE WON'T BE ANOTHER FRICKY
The racing track will no longer see the daredevil racing of Fricky Khan.
Khan died last Thursday (33) after a short illness.
But his memory will linger, specially his near stunt riding which had the motor fans on their toes. A winner of races both here and in India, Fricky rode his Yamaha 250 with rarely seen skill and provided wonderful performances for those fortunate to see him at his peak.
Fricky brought glamour to the already fashionable sport and at times it was just the name of Khan that brought crowds to watch the "bike wizard" at work.
His racing fame hit a peak in 1973 when at the All-India Meet he won 4 events in fantastic style.
Khan who left the track a good few years ago will be missed by the motor fans and surely no one can fill his riding boots and gauntlets and race around the track in the way that Khan did.
7:16 pm

This is a T.O.K. album. It has lots of types of songs. You have the up beat Dancehall songs and the Jamaica Reggae tunes with a few vocal tunes to.

My Crew My Dawgs is an album put together by T.O.K. This album was released in 2001 with surprising sales in the U.S. market.
7:15 pm
Double Full - a deceiving name, as it is not a double back somersault, but a single straight back somersault with two complete twists during the rotation
7:13 pm
Hero (Ha,YoungWoong), born in South Korea in September 2003 is a child star, famous for singing along to Beatles songs at a very young age.
His Korean Name in Full is Ha,YoungWoong. The family name is Ha, first name is YoungWoong in chinese, which means "Hero" in english.
As from around the end of year 2005 he began to sing along to music and now he can sing a collection over 40 of The Beatles songs, with no previous knowledge of music or english. He cannot speak the English language.
He is regarded as a Language-Wonderkid; fluent in speaking and writing Korean, unusual for such a young age. He won 'The Most Influential Baby' in the Korean monthly baby magazine 'Best Baby', in February 2008.
Hero has appeared on many television shows throughout Korea and the Far East, and is recently making a name for himself in the Eastern world. His singing was featured on US news channel CNN on 26 February 2008.
Thursday, February 8th, 2007
7:40 am
A stick dog is a very simplistic type of drawing, generally of a small dog (other part of artical stick figure,
7:39 am
Steak tips are small pieces of sirloin beef.
7:37 am
The new book to be launched around the next few months.

Developed by: Christopher Bartolo Colin cremona

It is associated with William Shakespear's Original Macbeth, which has been brought to the future with CSI investigators investigating the wierd deaths.

The plot is a little bit different from the original book.
7:36 am
Hello Work

As there are british govermental trainings called 'Hello Work' it can also be used as a term amongst the coders.

Usually when you are hobbyist coder and learning a programming language there usually is an example which is often called 'Hello World' however this is where the Hello Work steps in, usually out of boredom at work while creating a program that prints you 'Hello Work'.

Short example with C Programming language:

1. include
[Error: Irreparable invalid markup ('<stdio.h>') in entry. Owner must fix manually. Raw contents below.]

Hello Work

As there are british govermental trainings called 'Hello Work' it can also be used as a term amongst the coders.

Usually when you are hobbyist coder and learning a programming language there usually is an example which is often called 'Hello World' however this is where the Hello Work steps in, usually out of boredom at work while creating a program that prints you 'Hello Work'.

Short example with C Programming language:

1. include <stdio.h>

main() {

print "Hello Work";

return 0;

7:34 am
Lime Key is a place in Jamacia.
7:32 am
8 Noord (free translation: eight north) is a hallway where students live. This hallway can be found in the Selwerd II building in Groningen, the Netherlands.

Monday, February 5th, 2007
5:34 pm
hello i am from the usa and i'm looking to find information about the bogue mauritania africa my husband is from here and he does not like to talk about his family is name is oumar cheikhna bass and I would love to now his family can some one help me.
5:32 pm

we are here to help you and guide you through the deepest of depths of sweden! for example well awnser things from,

1) where is the chinse restuaraunt in stockholm to... 2)whats the cheapest hotel in sweden!

weve helped 100's because sweden4u dosent just serve europe it serves world wide. we put a lot of info on our website. and if you still cant find the awnser to what you need, email us free. and well send you the awnser even if its not on the website! please place any edits below we are happy to help! remember for the sweden guide
5:30 pm
The Totally Teens 4-H Club is based out of Montgomery anf Fulton Counties in Upstate New York. The club is run completely by teenagers ages 13 to 18.
5:29 pm
Hit and run posting refers to a tactic were a poster at an internet forum enters, makes a post, only to disappear immediately after. The post often consists of a lengthy text making lots of claims that can be, but isn't always, on topic. It is separated from plain spam since the material ususally has at least some bearing on the topic at hand. However, since the poster doesn't stick around to defend the posted material, or even discuss it, it is considered lame and disrespectful, especially by forum regulars, who tend to be angried by the fact that the hit and run doesn't become obvious until some or several replies already have been made. Hit and run posting often follow the principe of "throw enough in and some will stick" but sometimes its motive is plain flamebaiting. Answering hit and run postings after they have been diagnosed as such is sometimes considered "feeding the trolls" and is therefore discouraged. Hit and run posting tends to occur more frequent in debate on controversial topics.

The term "Hit and run posting" is sometimes used, unjustified so, against people who don't have as much time to spend on a forum as others and therefore have trouble keeping up with the posting pace.

[edit] See also

* Double posting
* Flamebait
* Forum spam
* Troll (Internet)
* Netiquette
* Post count
5:26 pm
Brantford, Ontario had a very healthy punk scene throughout the early 1990's. It created a lot of bands that had great representation locally, through relations with Sonic Unyon. Bands such as The Earthlings [1], Dirge, Cartoon Khaki[[2]], the Digital Curtis [3], Circle Theorem [4], and Loser Parade [5] entertained the bored teen-aged masses in desolate Downtown Brantford [[6]] [[7]]. Most shows were from the basement of Second Wave Records [8]. At a time of economic distress which the downtown core still suffers through, this music scene was the sole source of entertainment for many local youths. Downtown Brantford still stands as one of the most desolate and empty downtown run-downs in all of Canada, and this scene was the single spark in the place.

One show illustrates the lengths bands had to go to find a place to rock, The Earthlings set their gear up in the back of a track, pulled in to the downtown parking garage and played a set until security chased them out. Today The Ford Plant is carrying the torch by providing a large, safe venue for great bands to play in Brantford. [[9]]
5:24 pm
Jonasu Mangum is the ninth child of infamous John Jefferson Mangum and his choctaw indian wife, Marsha. Born in Corpus Christi Texas, Jonasu had to fight her way through life. The struggles she faced were almost insurmountable, with her father being a wanted man for exposing a crime syndicates in Matagorda County, and her mother trying to have him murdered, but she survived this terrible start. After her father went into hiding and her mother was granted a divorce, she found herself living very poorly with her mother and 5 older siblings, as the older three had left home already. To provide for her children, Marsha almost immediately remarried and older man, Vernon Hoffman, who was systemically cruel to her and her siblings. Jonasu and her brothers lived in terror for years under the physically and sexually abusive Vernon Hoffman, while her mother never did anything to stop it. Jonasu was temporarily adopted when she was 13 and ran away after a few months. She found herself eventually living with her older sister, Fositi, when she met Dustin Nichols. Jonasu became pregnant and was forced into marraige by her mother at the age of 15. Jonasu gave birth in May of 1997 to a strong healthy baby boy who she named Hagan. She was very happy being a new mom but lived in terror for her husband was cruel and abusive also. She endured a three year long marraige to him with produced another child, Chloe, the catalyst for Jonasu's decision to leave Dustin. On her 18th birthday Jonasu found herself divorced with 2 small children. Jonasu went to work immediately to provide for the children and did well for a time until she decided she should go to college. College make it finacially impossible to raise her children, so they went with their father for a year. In this time, Jonasu met Michael Tiller, who she later married and had another child with, a boy, called Zefram. Zefram was born with a seizure disorder and a genetic disorder known as panhypopituiturism, which has left him legally blind and developmentally delayed. Jonasu has been a long supporter for children with special needs. Michael left Jonasu due to the pressure of raising a child with special needs. Jonasu, devastated by the way life had worked out for her, learned how to pick herself up and start again. She moved, enrolled again in college and graduated in April 2005 with a degree in Environmental Health and Safety from Texas State Technical College. She has then found success as a safety engineer for a large ifnrastructure firm in Austin Texas and is happilly remarried and raising her 3 beautiful children.
5:21 pm
Teenculture is a rock concert event that takes place on the first Saturday of every month. Teenagers age ranged between 12 and 17 are able to attend at a cost of £5 each. It was held at the Carling Academy in Birmingham UK, however it recently moved to The Sanctuary on Digbeth Street. it usually last for about 3 hours and is enjoyed by all who attend.
5:20 pm
Lsxk, also named blue sky bbs, one of biggest bbs system in Chinese Universites. the former zhulin youqu bbs, which had been shutdown by the sichuan university's authority years ago.
4:43 pm
Thank you for experimenting with Wikipedia. Your test worked, and it has been reverted or removed. Please use the sandbox for any other tests you may want to do. Take a look at the welcome page to learn more about contributing to our encyclopedia.
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